Dutch historical cities are often very Instagrammable and Groningen is no exception. You can find plenty of beautiful buildings in the city and of course the always-Instagrammable Dutch canals are present in Groningen. We loved wandering around the city looking for all the Instagram-worthy photo spots. In this blog post, we’re sharing all our finds with you including the locations!

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Reitdiephaven is truly an Instagrammable place in Groningen. It’s located a bit outside of the city center, so you have to make a little effort to get there. Reitdiephaven is filled with colorful houses that almost make it feel like you’re at a tropical destination such as Willemstad. No tropical vibes for us during our visit though, as the water in the harbor was frozen, haha. Nevertheless, the colorful houses are the perfect backdrop in your Instagram photo and we loved this spot!

We visited Groningen by car and made a stop at Reitdiephaven before going to the city center. If you’re visiting Groningen by public transport, Reitdiephaven is well-connected from the city center by bus. The bus takes around 30 minutes to get there.

Instagrammabel place Reitdiephaven in Groningen, the Netherlands

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Sint Walburgstraat

Sint Walburgstraat is a small street near the city center of Groningen. We loved the pretty historical buildings in this street. The sidewalk in front of the buildings is very broad, which makes it an easy spot to take a photo for the Gram. Who doesn’t love these pretty typically Dutch houses on their Instagram feed?!

Instagrammable place at Sint Walburgstraat in Groningen, the Netherlands

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The Martinitoren (Martini Tower) and Martinikerk (Martini Church) are Groningen’s most famous sightseeing spots. The Martinikerk is the oldest church in Groningen and dates from the first half of the 13th century. The Martinitoren is the tallest tower in Groningen and is 96.8m tall. The best way to shoot both sightseeing spots is from the Martinikerkhof, which used to be a graveyard. Nowadays it’s a lovely green space with plenty of space to take photos. Because there’s plenty of space, you can easily frame yourself in the shot together with the church. Martinikerkhof is surrounded by other historical buildings that are also worth checking out.

Instagrammable place Martinikerkhof in Groningen, the Netherlands

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Provinciehuis (House of the Province) is also located at the Martinikerkhof. It’s a beautiful, majestic building dating from the beginning of the 20th century. We think this building is the perfect backdrop for an Instagram photo and we loved taking a photo here.

Instagrammable place Provinciehuis in Groningen, the Netherlands

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Going from the Martinikerkhof to the Turfstraat you have to go underneath the Gardepoort. The Gardepoort dates from 1639 and we loved the look of this cute gate. We took a photo of the gate from the Turfstraat and it’s one of our favorite Instagram photos we took in Groningen.

Instagrammable place Gardepoort in Groningen, the Netherlands

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Lage der A

Lage der A is the street along the A canal (the canal is really called A, just A). We loved walking here and looking at the beautiful historical buildings. We found a lovely spot overlooking the canal, the buildings and the Der Aa-kerk in the background. As it was a calm afternoon, there was reflection in the water too! You can’t miss this spot in your Instagram feed.

Instagrammable place Lage der A in Groningen, the Netherlands

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We discovered that the Vismarkt is the perfect spot to snap the sunset. From the large square in front of the Korenbeurs, you have a great view over the sky and, that day, the sunset was stunning. It was the perfect Instagrammable spot to end our day in Groningen with. If you’re in Groningen during sunset, make sure to go to the Vismarkt to snap that perfect Instagrammable sunset shot.

Instagrammable place Vismarkt in Groningen, the Netherlands

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We hope we’ve inspired you to visit the historical town of Groningen with these Instagrammable places. Have you been to the Netherlands or is it on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments below!

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