Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, features colorful buildings and lots of greenery throughout the historical city center, which makes it a very picturesque city. Who doesn’t love a colorful feed filled with greenery, flowers and colorful buildings!? The possibilities for pretty backdrops on your Instagram photos are endless in Ljubljana. To save you time looking for these Insta-worthy spots, I’m sharing the most Instagrammable places in Ljubljana in this blog post including links to the locations!

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Franciscan Church of the Annunciation

The Franciscan Church of the Annunciation is a 17th century Baroque-style Franciscan church. The supposedly red color of the church is a symbol for the Franciscan monastic order, but in real life, the church looks more pink. Pink buildings always work very well as backdrops on Instagram photos, and so does this church. The square in front of the church (Prešeren Square) is perfect to take a photo from, however, during my visit, construction was taking place right in front of the church. I choose to take a photo from the Triple Bridge instead, another sightseeing spot in Ljubljana. This way, I hit two birds with one stone!

Franciscan Church of the Annunciation in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana Cathedral

The Ljubljana Cathedral is a beautiful early 18th century cathedral with a pretty sand-toned color. It’s a little tricky to take a photo of the cathedral as the Central Market surrounds most parts of the cathedral everyday (except for Sundays). I took a photo from Ciril-Metodov trg, and although it wasn’t easy to properly frame the cathedral, I still think it’s a pretty backdrop.

Ljubljana Cathedral, Slovenia

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Storefront Porcelain Catbriyur

While wandering through the city, I stumbled upon a very pretty storefront with gold and flowers. The store is called Porcelain Catbriyur and sells handmade porcelain goods. The store is located in a shopping street and there are lots of outdoor seating areas right in front of the store. This makes it hard to take a photo during the day as it’s always crowded. To avoid the crowds, I made a this photo early in the morning before the store opened.

Storefront Porcelain Catbriyur in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Cobbler’s Bridge

Cobbler’s Bridge is one of the oldest bridges of the city. The stone bridge is decorated with Corinthian pillars and Ionian pillars, which gives the bridge a distinctive look. The view from the bridge overlooking the colorful houses and greenery is very beautiful. Crossing this bridge feels like walking through an oasis of peace.

Cobbler’s Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Rose Garden in the Tivoli Park

I’m obsessed with flowers and they’re my favorite backdrop for Instagram photos. I was beyond happy to discover the rose garden in the Tivoli Park. The rose garden features over 160 kinds of roses and there are multiple possibilities for photos in the garden. I went with a rose arch, in which some beautiful roses were blooming. It depends on the type of rose when the roses are blooming, so it’s a bit of a hit or miss whether the roses will bloom during your visit. If you’re visiting in winter, the roses obviously won’t be blooming.

Rose Garden in Tivoli Park, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Tivoli Pond

There’s a large pond in the Tivoli Park filled with lilies. I was lucky as many of the white and pink lilies were blooming during my visit. The pond is absolutely an Insta-worthy spot with the surrounding rocks and the green leaves of the lilies. It’s also a nice place to relax for a bit.

Tivoli Pond in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Tivoli Park

During my visit to Ljubljana, the hydrangea were in full bloom and there were so many of them in Tivoli Park. I couldn’t resist taking a photo with these pink ones in the background, but all the hydrangea shades were there (every tone from blue to pink). In summer, Tivoli Park is a hydrangea paradise!

Tivoli Park in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana Castle

Last but not least, you can’t leave without taking a photo of the view from the Ljubljana Castle. The view from the Outlook Tower is the best, but even if you don’t want to buy a ticket to enter the castle, the view from up Castle Hill is great too. As I was traveling alone and took all the photos with my tripod, I couldn’t frame myself in a photo from up the Outlook Tower. Nevertheless, this view can’t be missing from your Instagram feed!

Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia

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